The recommended travel destination in Japan is Kyoto.

The recommended travel destination in Japan is Kyoto. Because it is the sightseeing spot where I have most visited so far. Goodness of Kyoto is that there are still many World Heritage sites. Just walking over those temples over time is worth it. Moreover, there is beauty every season. Although I have visited Kyoto once in autumn leaves, it is exhausted as one word that is really beautiful. I have visited Kyoto in the summer several times, but since it is comparatively summer, I recommend you to take a leisurely tour of the temple and so on. With so many tourists, it is huge as long as it is, but the summer is hungry. However, it is hot, so there are some difficult things to do. Also, Kyoto has many areas, so it will take quite a while to go around them all. In that respect, I think that I do not want to go all at once, so I would like to go again. My favorite place in Kyoto is Kiyomizudera. The stone steps up to Kiyomizudera are famous places, but there are souvenir shops and some nice cafes. This spot is also recommended for women, for date courses.

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