My recommended travel destination in Japan is Zubari

My recommended travel destination in Japan is Zubari ""Tateyama Kurobe alpine route""! I went for a trip with my parents living in the Chubu region and it was very good! First of all, we saw the majestic Kurobe Dam from Fujisawa from the Nagano side, and the majestic Kurobe Dam by the trolley bus, and further the scenery is very good, high! I go up the mountain steadily with a ropeway or cable car. And to Murodo which wants Tateyama. Very magnificent natural scenery spread, I was deeply moved by the scenery I see for the first time. It is still memorable today that I entered a bath with my mother at Murodo's Sanso. While watching the scenery spreading the swamp of sulfur, entering the bath. My mother also told me that she came here and did not expect to take a bath. We then turned back, but we can also pass through the Takahara bus to the Toyama side. In the past it was a place not letting people close, but now it's amazing to be able to visit casually by sightseeing. Mt. Mt. Mt. - is a thing that is open to the public, and why do not you visit once? I'm surely impressed!

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