My recommendation Domestic travel is a trip to

My recommendation Domestic travel is a trip to ""Shikarai Onsen"" which is irresistible for hot springs. I have been going back and forth many times, but I like the hot spring here. The hot springs that our families are always using is a rice villa. We have all kinds of outdoor family baths, so you can relax without having to worry about the surroundings. Regardless, the bath is very comfortable and it is a very good hot spring that you can enjoy the scenery because it is open air. Of course, there are many other inns in Shikade Onsen. It is a hot spring town with a big river sandwiched and it will be an unbearable landscape for hot springs. And, anyway, this place is also famous as the event of a certain season becomes the best in Japan. It is a place where you can see many familiar things in Japan in the festival. Yes, it is ""Koinobori"". I was really surprised when I started this Koinobori. This huge group of rhinoceros! This is also beautiful in colorfulness. During this period, stalls etc are out and it is crowded with festival condition so there are many streets of the car and it is crowded with hot spring town all over. The hot springs are comfortable, the scenery is also good. And I'd recommend this ""Shinano Onsen!"" Event, which is also fun.

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