It seems small and big Japan.

It seems small and big Japan. I recommend that you go especially to Hokkaido. The wind feels good in the summer. Why do not you experience dairy farming at this time? Get up early in the morning, touch animals and live together. Even if it is an adult or a child, I think that I often experience for the first time for the first time. It might also be a good idea to borrow rent-a-car and drive. It is quite nice to just keep running on a road with nothing. What I recommend especially is going to Hokkaido in winter. It's a travel season! I guess it is, but there are still many interesting things just as a travel season. I can not forget that I went to see drift ice. I can hear the sound of the ship running through the drift ice. I will be blowing off cold. You can feel the size of the world while you are in Japan. It was also Hokkaido that I saw Clione for the first time. Well, I am afraid to eat food even though an angel is called. I strongly felt that there were lots of things that I really do not know until I go to that place and experience. Of course, forget the happiness of the sea

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